How Farming in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a good game, but what do you do when the increase started getting more expensive. In advanced stages of the game, you may need to spend several days to wait for the source of the income you need. This is where farming plays a role. Farming is a practice where you deliberately lowered the… Read More »

How to Get Lots of treasure when Attacking on Clash of Clans.

Getting many treasures while fighting in the Clash of Clans is a fun thing, but to keep things running effectively, you need to make a little plan. Because you need a fee to create an army and find a target, one can just rob opponents spend much of your wealth. With a small army balanced level and the… Read More »

How to Build a Successful Clan in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a fun and dynamic game in which players can build a village and attacked the village of other players. You can also cluster in the clan alongside other players, so the game becomes fun and have elements of cooperation. You can also contribute troops to other members in the clan, received a donation of… Read More »

How to play the game blossom blast and strategy to win.

Ok, this time I’ll give you a little hint to win blossom blast saga. This game looks easy to play because it’s just 3 or 4 images matching the same flower, but do not want to ride one for each higher level you might feel stressed because it failed to solve. Link 3 or more buds of the… Read More »

How To Get Extra Lives On Candy Crush

How to Get Extra Lives On Candy Crush Buying Lives Request In Friends Without Borders in Candy Crush One of the biggest problems is owned by Candy Crush is a new player runs out of lives. Each player has 5 lives, which if used you will get extra lives every 30 minutes. This means that each player requires… Read More »

How to Edit Photos “Whale Fly”

Here I will explain how the process of making pictures with background just as sharks floating above the sky, animals and other animals such as dolphins, turtle, whale and others. Well to make it fairly easy bleak picture you can use Adobe Photoshop, but it can only be done on a computer. and now you can make it… Read More »

Tricks And Tips Dream League Soccer 2016

Dream League Soccer 2016   Dream League Soccer is a mobile game (iOS, Android) from First Touch Games that adds to the growing number of titles in the sports management sim category in mobile. While this game does include its share of high-end graphics and animations, the main thing here is building the best team on the planet… Read More »

Download the latest Android Studio

Android Studio Official IDE for Android Android Studio provides the fastest tool to create applications in any type of Android device. World-class code editing, debugging, performance gauges, flexible version of the system, and the system create / apply immediately, all of which allow you to remain focused on creating applications that are unique and of high quality. Android… Read More »

Tips Play Game Clash Royale

Game Clash Royale is no less interesting game Clash of Clan This game is supposedly the richest game today The following are some tips that will help you when playing 1. Create the Best Combination Card The right combination of cards will determine your victory in the match. We recommend setting up the cards that will be used… Read More »

How to Play Candy Crush Saga

When you see the game Candy Crush, you will be underestimated. Because at first glance this game is very easy to play, even for children kindergarten also must champion. But once you try it, you will draw the word – the word you back. Candy Crush is not like what we see, this game is very exciting and… Read More »